Some reasons why Jidenna and Falz are trending


Social media,the best platform for ever be in. It is an interesting place to trend and publicize,getting to know people worldwide and even knowing celebrities.

The popular singer Jidenna now trends with a famous comedian,lawyer and musician,Falz. They are both trending on both twitter due to their look-like nature and musical talents.

Talking about Jidenna.

This famous musician,not only known for his music but also became popular because he is a Nigerian and an american artist. His hit songs “Bambi and Classic man” made him more known in the music industry.

Then the African artist Falz…

Its is not the first time that this has happened. The artist Falz in 2017, during his Experience headline concert, made another look-alike. In fact, the two were so much alike that it was easy to conclude that they were brothers. The man even wore similar wears as Falz. With so many look-alikes popping up, one may wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye. Is it that there are other siblings or relatives that Falz is not aware of, or is it just a matter of coincidence? Whatever the case, it is surprising and interesting as fans cannot keep calm about it.