Social media users drag Tacha for claiming she has more achievements than Seyi at age 23 (video)

Tacha (L) and; Seyi (R)

Social media trolls are having a field day on Sunday night after Tacha claimed that she had achieved much more than fellow housemate Seyi could achieve at age 23.

The two housemates have been at loggerheads for some time and it seems Tacha is not ready to make peace as Seyi’s attempt to thrash out issues with the Instagram celebrity failed miserably.

On Sunday night, Ebuka asked Tacha and Seyi about their feud to which Seyi said that Tacha is a sweet little girl who tries to put up a ‘gangster’ attitude to push people away.

Tacha then responded to Seyi’s statement by saying that Seyi is always drunk and that was one of the reasons why their reconciliation talks did not happen on Saturday.

She added that at her age, she has achieved way more than Seyi and that if it was not for the Big Brother show, Seyi would probably never get to her level.

“What I have achieved at age 23, at his age he hasn’t achieved it.. and If it wasn’t for Big Brother, he won’t be even close to achieving it,” she said to the surprise of the other housemates.

Social media users after the incident have expressed their thoughts on the matter and as usual, it is hilarious.

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