Social Media user finishes Toke Makinwa – Slams her for professing her love for future (Screenshots)


Even though everyone is quarantining him/herself to prevent contracting the deadly virus, Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa is still dreaming of being with American rapper Future.

The media personality professed her love to the rapper when she posted on twitter that she won’t mind being quarantined with the American rapper who happens to be her dream ‘ideal man’.

She wrote “If you could be stuck at home with an imaginary bae who would it be??? I’ll go first, future won’t be too shabby, we would smoke, eat and do the needful. Something rugged and handsome about him.”
But added that she has no plans of getting married to him, rather she just want to have fun with him and play with his dreadlocks. After her post a fan of hers reacted expressing how disappointed she is in the media personality.

According to the fan, even when Toke is in her fantasy she still picks a toxic man like Future. To her the American rapper doesn’t deserves Toke Makinwa.

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