Social Media User Finally Reveals Why Some People Are Not In Favour Of Regina Daniels & Ned Nwoko’s Marriage

Ned Nwoko and wife

A social media called Benwems has summed up the reason why the marriage of Ned Nwoko & his young wife Regina Daniels still annoys some people .

Here’s what she shared:

I don’t know why many people are worried about this girl’s private life. She married an old man, he would still marry another wife, blah blah…. In my opinion, most of the guys lambasting her are only pained that they cannot get her and it’s an old man who got her because they don’t have the money to woo her. For the ladies lambasting her, they are jealous of the luxury she gets from her old husband. Nevertheless, she took the path of honor by marrying the old man. She’s better than other girls that are concubines to older men and married men. Many young girls date married men and sugar daddy. At least, she’s married not a side chick. So you all should mind your business and stop drinking Panadol for another person’s headache. The irony is; when you ask a Nigerian to drink panadol for your headache they would not but when you don’t ask them that’s the time they would.