“Social Media is a lot of NOISE” – Nollywood actress Beverly Naya shades Nigerian celebrities


Afterall social media has it’s pros & cons, and Beverly Naya seems to be targeting some set of ‘flamboyant’ and/or ‘extravagant’ celebrities in her latest conscious message where she noted a whole lot of personality profiles are often showcased online without genuine contents.

Maybe it is a bit awkward to be critical of the entertainment industry one is actively part of, but Nollywood actress Beverly Naya cares less particularly when such ‘fake’ celebrities exhibit shallow notions in important discussions of common interests. She insinuates that the emergence of social media has perhaps unfortunately enhanced their continuous mediocre lifestyle on a regular basis.

The ebony beauty spoke her mind in a new tweet post she shared on her twitter page in a subtle way though.

She wrote: “Imagine an expensive bottle of champagne with nothing inside, that’s what social media feels like sometimes. A whole lot of noise and fancy packaging but a lot of emptiness within, mostly felt when alone. A lot of people are overcompensating, must be exhausting!”

Beverly Naya is a British-born Nigerian actress with young rising profile in Nollywood, and she is the perfect example of a pretty lady who is blessed with dual treats of ‘Beauty & Brains’. Her biggest featured Nigerian movie till date is ‘Wedding Party 1’ where she acted the role of a side-chic, and her mentors (role models) in the Nigerian movie industry are Ramsey Noah & Genevieve Nnaji.