“So my son is food to you” – Animal rights activist, Idimogu slams chef Hilda Baci over dog-meat video (Watch)

Animal rights activist and president of My Dog & I group, Jackie Idimogu, has lambasted Nigerian chef Hilda Baci over her trending video with dog-meat.

The 26-year-old, who gained popularity after she cooked for four days nonstop in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time by an individual, has raised eyebrows following a recent video she posted on social media.

In the video that caused a massive stir, Hillda is captured sitting at a table with influencer Enioluwa and showcasing various delicacies from her state, including dog meat.

The clip showed Enioluwa expressing reluctance at tasting dog meat for the first time, while Hilda tried to persuade him to eat it and even tried to force-feed him.

Reacting to the video, in a video shared on her social media page, Idimogu accused Hilda of cruelty against animals.

She faulted Hilda for eating dog meat despite members of her group and their dogs coming to support her during her cookathon.

“Members of the My Dog & I group wore their shirts to go and support Hilda; dogs were present at the cookathon to support Hilda. I know that there were about two or three dogs because when my group members went there, they made sure to take pictures and videos of every dog there.

“Now, imagine my surprise this evening, scrolling through Instagram, and then I see on a news blog that this same Hilda posted that she is eating a dog.” Idimogu said.

She said she was initially skeptical of supporting Hilda during her cook-a-thon when she heard she was from Akwa Ibom, but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt because she thought the chef was exposed.

“Hilda, in her infinite mercy and wisdom, thought that the best thing for her to do after the world celebrated Nigeria through her relentlessness And now that the torchlight of the world is on Nigeria through you, you decide that what you want to show the world is that Nigerians are dog eaters? No, no. I’m making this video to refute the fact that Nigerians are not dog eaters.” Idimogu added.

Watch video below,

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