“So emotional” – Caucasian man and his four kids burst into tears as nanny set to travel back to her country for a holiday

A video capturing the emotional moment a Caucasian man and his four kids burst into tears as their nanny was about to depart for her home country has gone viral online.

In the video, a young father of four was seen holding tightly onto his kids, reluctantly allowing the nanny to leave.

However, the little kids tried to free themselves, crying and unable to bear watching their nanny depart.

The father, left with no other option, appeared deeply emotional as he eventually released the kids, who rushed to where the nanny was standing, embracing her in an attempt to prevent her from leaving.

This touching video garnered attention from social media users, many of whom took to the comments section to praise the nanny for the impact she made on the family.

Check out some reactions below:

Okoth MC.Okoth: “‎so emotional. am also shading tears.”

purity money: “‎we twins roll with amazing soul…… please call her back for the sake of this kids.”

mom of one: “‎congratulations dear for love the nanny seems gd to the kids.”

user24213871906244: “‎if you look at her videos , you see the family surprise Rosie during her birthday.”

user809464383910 joviah: “‎on this earth dey good hearted people ,look at this family much love from uganda.”

crazybird bree: “‎I feel for the kids am crying too.”

luicita: “‎I’m also crying for the love Rosie brought to this Family.”

Thabi Q: “‎They must renew her contract she was very good to these children hle.”

cyddy02: “‎am so happy for u gal for them to means your treatment was the best.”



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