Smart: See How Joeboy Sees Both Rema And Fireboy


In a recent interview with Joeboy, below is what he said about Rema and Fireboy.

On his relationship with other industry new stars, the singer identified Rema, Fireboy and Oxlade as “motivations” rather than competition.

Speaking of relationships, Joeboy revealed that he is a private person, and he is currently in a relationship with many people.

In the episode, Joeboy, who is 22 years old, disclosed that he has been making music since he was 17, but officially went mainstream in 2017.

The singer also gave fans more than a glimpse of his life before his rise to fame and how his life has changed since 2017

The artist shared some exclusive stories about his Unilag days, the constant pressure on him always to release dope music and the challenges faced by a young artist growing up in the industry.

Now in you own point of view, I believe you have listened to both Fireboy, Rema and Joeboy? What can you say about them?

Do you have a favorite out of them?

Who do you think is better!