Slay queen spotted hiding party meats in her bag sparks sudden reactions on internet (Video)


The internet won’t let us rest as new trend happening under the roof of party goers. My first question is, most you eat at party, especially owanbe and if you want to eat responsibly and go home.

Remember most of our parents while growing up, anytime there is neighborhood party or family party, a cooler of food carrier is brought at serving point to take home, but this generations of ours, reverse is the case as people go to party eat anyhow and scoop meat or party rice unresponsively.

In a viral video circulating the internet, a lady was caught on camera hiding huge party meat in her hand bag. Yes, hiding meat, I mean that big owanbe meat.

Forgetting she’s in open place, she look away and hide the meat in a way that be convenient for her.

In same video, a guy calmly eating his food spot the lady hiding the meat in her bag. Guess what the guy did?

He mind his business and continue eating the food without looking at her or telling anybody.

Watch the viral video

Above is the reactions