“Singles please shine your eyes” – Woman finds out after 10 years of marriage that her husband has another family (Video)

A woman who got married to a pastor has revealed how she found out after 10 years that her husband was already married and had children.

She narrated that during their marriage, her husband refused to work and left her alone to sustain the family while claiming that God called him.

After making this huge discovery about his first marriage, she decided to leave the marriage and and get an annulment.

In her words:

“After my marriage was annulled, This was me October 3 years ago after I discovered the so called man of God I got married to has been legally married in his home town with kids. And he lived a fake life with me for 10 good years.

“A pastor that deflowered me on our wedding night. Hmmmmmmm and still had the guts to keep his past from me.

“Thank God for exposing him. I had been the one sustaining-d family while he refused to work said God galled him. Singles pls shine your eyes well.

“Before marriage, prayer is good investigations well on who u are spending the rest of ur life with. See ehn, this man ruined my dreams, visions, talents, gifts but thank God I came out alive.”

Watch the video below:

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