Single mums wasted prime years with irresponsible men, be careful of them – Shadaya Knight


A South African online content creator, Shadaya Knight has questioned men who fall in love with single moms claiming those women wasted their lives fxcking with irresponsible guys and end up with extra baggage of children who belong to some irresponsible men that they have wasted the prime of their lives frolicking around.

Here are some notable reactions to his tweet, which has divided opinions amongst people online.

No one wants to have a child with an irresponsible man. It is men who are cowards and chicken out of raising their children. And men who step up to raise those kids are heroes. It doesn’t make them less of a man – @rutendoashleyy

Man I doubt if that’s the case always. Plus just because someone made a mistake doesn’t necessarily mean we should punish them for the rest of their lives… And what do you say about guys vane vana, they should not get married too ryt – @TapiwaMakwasha

What if she is financially stable & taking care of those kids well enough? Is the main problem raising children or for companionship? – @JohnMufasa_

The problem with women is that they do not learn from their first mistakes and try to find a guy who can commit to them, they would jump from that mistake to another mistake with a different guy and before the know thy hv a 2nd child, that’s whn reality hits home. – @RaymondNkuna1

May the fxcking irresponsible guys who impregnated them also suffer by getting wrong women as wives. – @Pinzilia

The beta male starts getting attention from these kind of women and he thinks all those years of being the nice guy are finally paying off but in reality these women are desperate for his resources. – @MellowCow

It’s funny how people think in this century. Not all single mothers are a result of bad decisions. Some were raped, divorced or had to leave an abusive marriage which can happen to anyone. How does such past affect her future. My bro life flips it coin at times it can be anyone. – @Nafisa_Anuhi