Single mother of two finds love, relocates to New Zealand with caucasian husband

A caucasian man is ecstatic as he returns to New Zealand with a wife and four children, seven years after departing his country as a single man.

Geof Walker, in an interview with the reputable Kenyan platform, revealed that he arrived in Uganda as a single and carefree man.

A single mother of two, Miriam, however, played a pivotal role in transforming his life. He also mentioned that before relocating to Uganda from Wairarapa in New Zealand, he was a well-known photographer, a profession he continues to pursue.

“From arriving in Uganda in December 2016, single, no kids, to arriving back in Aotearoa, New Zealand on December 2023 with a partner and four beautiful children to start a new adventure in a new country, in a new year,” said Walker.

Although the family has all returned to New Zealand but things were not so rosy for them when they planned to travel in 2020.

“Friends … fours years after beginning a journey to reach Aotearoa/New Zealand, our family of one kiwi and five Ugandans have arrived,” said Walker.

“The pandemic delays left us empty, and today we need support to repay the loans taken to get us here.. please,” he added on Twitter.

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