Side chick sues her ‘sugar daddy’ over failed promises; demands car, cash and 2 years rent

A Ghanaian sidechic has sued a bank manager, who she claims was her lover, for allegedly breaching an agreement to take care of her.
Deborah Seyram Adablah dragged the Director of Finance of First Atlantic Bank, Ernest Kwasi Nimako, to the Accra High Court, and he is expected to appear before Friday, January 27, 2023.

In a suit dated January 23, 2023, Deborah contends that her ‘sugar daddy’ who was also her boss, agreed to buy her a car, pay for her accommodation for three years, give her a monthly stipend of GH¢3,000, marry her after divorcing his wife and also give her a lump sum to start a business.
In her writ of summons and statement of claims which has since gone viral on social media, Deborah alleges that the ‘sugar daddy’ bought the car but registered it in his name.

Later, he denied her access to use it after about a year of enjoying the Honda Civic worth GH¢120,000, while he also paid for only one year of accommodation.
The plaintiff, whose national service period ended in July 2021, admits to being in a relationship with the married man, claiming that her happiness at the workplace was under threat had she failed to give in to the relationship.
Deborah has also accused the defendant of abuse, sexual harassment, maltreatment, exploitation and also lowering her reputation.

She further states that she had turned down an opportunity to be a permanent staff after her national service due to the manager’s promise of making life comfortable for her.

Deborah revealed that her boss further promised to divorce his wife and marry her because his marriage had broken down beyond repairs. 
But in July 2022, their relationship suffered a blow when the first defendant decided to stop paying her rent and also providing other benefits he promised her. 

This compelled her to sue her former boss for breach of contract. 

On this basis, the plaintiff is seeking an order from the court directed at the defendant to fulfil all promises, including payment of lump sum to help her start a business to take care of herself. Below is a list of her demands: 
Transfer the title of the car into her name.
Cost of repairs of 10,000gh.
Pays lump sum money to enable her to start a business.
Pays remaining 2 years’ rent.
Pays the outstanding arrears of her monthly allowance from July 2022 to the date of judgment and pays all medical expenses as a result of side effects.
General damages against her.
Any other relief(s) the court deems necessary including legal costs.
The First Atlantic Bank, which was joined in the suit, has been accused of allowing senior officers to enter into relationships with unwilling subordinates while using the females as baits to win customers for the company.
Below is the writ of summon…

Reactions below…

hrm paul wrote: This one loud ooo after suing the nigga u sue the bank too well I hope it ends well for you u have a big target on it back but she carry booty

Robo banderas wrote: it’s her guts for me,she is not even afraid of the man’s wife,now she has decided to show her Face by this show of shame,if the man’s wife decides to deal with her she should know she brought it upon her self!!Goodbye..

Gandy wrote: ah! U want him to live his wife, u go receive sense by force! The nerve of the modern woman! The man is obviously a bad husband for cheating on his wife but na lamba he just gave her just to have his way! Now she done cast her self with This law suit; young eligible Bachelors that are supposed to marry her will run after hearing this! She has calculated and found out that the money the man is giving her is more than her yearly salary now she lazy to work! She want free money! Olosho pro mas

Goldmachete: All na wash…is there any written and signed agreement for your mischievous allegations why not also include that he must sack his wfe and marry you…your court suit is death on arrival ..,I wish liber follows this news the end

Patrick Cyprian: Wahala nor too much? Wetin person nor go see untop woman matter.smh

Anonny: Lazy girl You turned down a permanent job because the foolish man promise to make life comfortable for you. Instead of pushing to get a banking career you are looking for who will Pay house rent ,buy you car,feed you, leave his wife And marry you.All this for you alone.I don’t blame you.

Makaunknow: She is the idiot and foolish one not the man

Anpros: Na wa o… the side chick’s are bold…

Dora: Hahahahaha… Mad lady, another person husband wey go find extra pussy. Tw shameless cunts

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