“Should we tell them” – SS3 students sign out happily after writing final WAEC exams, dance and twerk in video (Watch)

A video making the rounds online has captured some student celebrating joyfully after reaching their educational milestones in secondary school.

The joyous event occurred right after the students completed their final papers in the ongoing West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams.

They were putting on white shirts like university graduates, and they also used ink to sign on their shirts to celebrate. The video also captured the moment the SS3 students sang, danced and even twerked to mark the end of their final secondary school examination.

Their happiness was justified after they successfully completed the WASCE which is one of the requirements to proceed to the university in Nigeria.

However, their way of celebration triggered mixed reactions online. Some social media users wondered if they were university graduates with their sign out. others who commented said they should be allowed to celebrate the completion of an important stage in their educational pursuit.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

daretiwa said, “We all wanted to leave secondary school so bad , live alone, and taste independence, but looking back, secondary school days were the best days of our education”.

official_mrsurge said, “Should we tell them, or make we wait till them reach that level 😂”.

hrm_stephanie said, “I just dey shine teeth like say nah me dey the video I love her vibe you go girl 🔥❤️”.

iamdeborahstar said, “I want to be watching this everyday 🥹🥹🥹🤭🤭🤭. My God i smiled all through out 🤭”.

its.priisca said, “Ah..oginikwa 😂 …after my waec, other sets usually make noise, you know,happy celebration after waec,but during my own turn,my set don already give this new principal(Sr.Clarice Orji) too much headache, this woman said she no wan hear noise for that hostel 😂,we embarked on 7days retreat …well I can only remember breaking my ruler,pen and pencil after last paper thinking I’m finally free ,here I am fighting for Red and blue pen 😂😂”.

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