Shortly after announcing the birth of his baby, Zlatan bought all packs of condom in a superstore


Zlatan wellcomes new baby, Visit a store & bought all packs of condoms available.

Zlatan did the unthinkable today shortly after he made known the presence of his new baby and inscribing the name of his body. This also followed by the baby mama teaching people how to pronounce the name.

All over he received hearty congratulations from his fans and well wishers, but this is not the real gist.

Later in the day man dresses up for some chopping you won’t believe what he bough, Zlatan literally bough all he available condoms and he was still begging for more that he needs more.

Does he wants to start family planning or he has some match fixing? This was the question raised by Nigerians as they were so shocked by his actions.

With many just found his action for comic relief purpose not for the real thing intended, while some are of the opinion he wants to do condom giveaway.