SHOCKING!!!! You Won’t Believe What Nigerians Said If Their Spouse Infect Them With HIV/AIDS


She’d have a big explanation to make – Silas Eloko

I’d leave her to God to judge and go on with making my life better. I would enrol for treatment as well too. If I decide to beat her, it won’t change anything. In fact, I would be getting myself into a bigger trouble for beating up a woman; it’s a crime. And nobody wants to know your excuse for beating up a woman in any part of the world. She might be scared of leaving me and that’s why she infected me in the first place. I’m sure she would have a big explanation for her decision because if she claims to love me, she will not infect me with a terminal disease.

I have nowhere to go – Sirah Diakite

I will still be with him, I have nowhere to go to because we are already married. But, it will be very painful because I didn’t see it coming. He should be able to open up to me than infecting me. It’s more like he has killed me already. Packing out of his house will not solve anything because I have the stigma already but God forbid it happens, I will be seriously heartbroken.


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