SHOCKING!!! This S ex Worker is Just 15 Years Old But She Already Has 3 Kids…This is Her Story (Photo)


In what will come across as a really shocking development, a young girl who is just 15, has admitted to mothering up to three kids.

A 15-year-old Zimbabwean hooker from Hopley has narrated her ordeals which include being deliberately infected with s*xually transmitted diseases by cruel clients.

According to H-Metro, the hooker, whose name has been withheld as she is still a minor, said she joined the world’s oldest profession last year because of numerous challenges.

“I started being a hooker last year in November. And I decided to be a hooker because of the difficulties of life, like even failing to feed myself and also failing to get any food and a place to stay.

“I have so many challenges because I’m an orphan.

“My parents died when I was still in Form 2 that’s when I dropped out of school and started doing this.

During the interview, she looked intoxicated as she expressed herself with a resigned tone of voice.

She also said the risks they face have led to her plea for help so that she can at least leave prostitution as it continues to be more and more dangerous.

“It’s really a difficult life that we live because you get to seek medication many times in your life because the health risks are real.”

Asked how many men she has slept with ever since she started prostitution last year, the girl said “aaah handitorina kana number yacho, vakawandisa.”

This reporter went on to further ask her how much she charges for each s*x session and she said “haa I charge US$1.”

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