SHOCKING: These Chinese Cleaners Use Toilet Brush To Clean Guest Drinking Glasses ( Video )


A video circulating on the internet has caught the attention of many and has raised concerns and questions about the hygienic conditions of hotels in China.

An undercover investigator led a team of the investigators to popular hotels where it was discovered that hotel cleaners use the toilet brush to wash the guest drinking glasses in the rooms they have been assigned to clean.

The hotel where this incident happened is the city’s Harbin Kempinski Hotel in China. The agent again visited other hotels such as Shangrilla Hotel where similar things were done by the cleaners.

Cleaners there use towels used to dry glasses to wipe dustbins and the toilet seats. Sheritton Hotel cleaners were caught doing similar things. Authorities have confirmed that the video and investigations are authentic.

Hotel owners have been fined an undisclosed amount of money and warned for breaching hygienic conditions.

Watch Video Below: