Shocking! Police Discover Kilos of Cocaine Worth Millions of Pounds with ‘Lionel Messi’ Packaging (Photos)


Peruvian Police has seized a 1.4-kilogram shipment of cocaine that had Lionel Messi’s face on the packaging as pictures show the Barcelona man’s image alongside his brand logo.

Drug traffickers used Lionel Messi’s image to package up the illegal shipment of cocaine

The gallant operatives of the Peru Police Force, have discovered and seized a 1.4 kilogram shipment of cocaine which is worth a reported £73million, and had images of the Barcelona playmaker, Lionel Messi’s face on the packaging.

The King of Spain’s royal seal was also printed on the shipment of Class A drugs in Peru

Dailymail reported that pictures show Messi’s image in a Barcelona kit alongside his brand logo, as well as the 29-year-old’s name, while other packages in the shipment were carrying the royal seal of the King of Spain.

The shipment was destined for Europe before it was seized by officials.

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