SHOCKING! How Notorious Criminal Vampire Turned Prison Officials Into Errand Boys


The invasion of an Owerri High Court by a dare-devil gang of criminals, last week, and the subsequent rescue and release of suspected hardened criminals on trial could aptly be tagged
‘The Day of the Jackal’ from the epic thriller novel by celebrated English writer Frederick Forsyth. The auguries are hideous but intriguing.

That penultimate Friday, the sanctity of the court was wantonly desecrated by a gang of gun-toting young men who stormed the premises in a commando-like manner, shooting from all fronts. At the end of the barely 30 minutes operation, two persons lay dead.

Many people, including prison officials were seriously injured. The invading criminals succeeded in escaping with their booty which turned out to be the dreaded and highly prized kidnap kingpin and acclaimed serial killer, Henry Chibueze alias Vampire. The notorious criminal, Henry, 30, from Nwangele LGA in Imo state, for long, bestrode the criminal scene in Nigeria like a colossus.

In fact, his exploits and successes have continued to baffle and taunt security officials even after he was caged and kept in the cooler awaiting trial in Owerri prison. Before his arrest early 2016 by operatives of the Department of Security Services, DSS, Vampire was terrorizing both the Eastern, Southern and Western parts of the country unhindered.

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