Shocker! Popular Musician Ice Prince Calls Out Girlfriend’s Married Lover

Once again, Musician Ice Prince has taken to Social Media to defend his girlfriend, who has allegedly been cheating on him with an Abuja-Based lover.

Ice Prince With girlfriend Maima Nkewa

The musician who apologized to his fans for defending his girlfriend ‘in error’ earlier today, has once again gone back to Social Media to have his girl’s back.

Ice Prince took to Twitter to tell anyone who cares to listen that his girlfriend Maima, is innocent of all the allegations being leveled against her by her ‘so called’ married lover Akin.

Ice Prince also called out Maima’s married lover Akin, saying he was wiser now and that he didn’t believe his girlfriend was cheating with him.

Here’s what he had to say:

He went ahead to declare his love for his girlfriend in another tweet:

We hope things turn out for the better this time.


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