“She’s the kind of woman I’ve always wanted” – Man insists on proposing to girlfriend despite genotype incompatibility

A Nigerian father, who is AA genotype, has questioned the DNA of his son as he dragged his wife to a paternity court.

During his appearance before justice Funmi Asaolu, a judge in court, the man disclosed that he felt compelled to verify the paternity of his son, Teri Oluwa, after the child was diagnosed with sickle cell illness, SS.

He mentioned that his wife has the AS genotype, expressing the belief that since he is not a carrier of the sickle cell trait, it’s impossible for their child to have the SS genotype.

The heartbroken husband made it known that he repeated the genotype test from different hospitals but all the results were all the same.

He, however, took his wife to the court, seeking the real truth behind the birth of his son. The DNA test result were read by Justice Funmi Asaolu.

The result revealed that the man has 0% paternity with son, breaking his heart more.

The wife also shared her own side of the story, emphasizing that the child belongs to her husband.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

jeno768 said, “DNA test should always be done for both parents, atleast to give the women benefit of doubt”.

walexy29 said, “probably the baby was switched at birth so the investigation shouldn’t ends at DNA test”.

Precious said, “if they did DNA for mother and child and it came out zero then straight to the hospital”/

agbasalvator said, “Investigation should also extend to the hospital where the child was born. There could be misgivings There.”.

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