“She’s so beautiful” –Students comes out in numbers to gush over a female corper

A pretty Nigerian corper goes online to share the reactions she received from the students at her PPA on the first day she arrived.

The lady known as @swankysimi took to social media to share a video showing how all the students ran out in numbers to gush over her.

The students screamed in excitement and hailed her as she got to her place of primary assignment; they kept coming out to take a peep at her beauty.

She remarked that the students are in love with her for being a fine corper.

She captioned …

“POV: You are the new fine corper and all your student are in love with you.”

Check out reactions below …
@muizat commented: “Na y you were my crush back then in secondary school.”

Adetola reacted: “Me self don fall in love.”

@favorr_u said: “Celebrity corper.”

Fayokemi Oluwaseyi said:

“Simi you don turn celeb be that o.”

Oge commented: “Wahala.”

Ronkebabyy said: “Omg.”

@slattyx_ reacted: “Celeb celeb celeb.”

BLESSING N reacted: “I would be so embarrassed.”

Dolapo said: “Lol & I will just run away WTFF.”

Ronkebabyy said: “Celebrity.”

Watch video below …


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