“She’s greedy” – Fans come for Ilebaye for posting her account details online after winning 120 million

In the wake of Ilebaye’s impressive victory on Big Brother Naija All Stars, fans have come for her for being greedy.

Ilebaye recently found herself in hot water with fans who slammed her for posted her bank account details online right after her massive win of 120 million Naira. The move, which was supposed to be for clarification purposes to avoid fans sending money to the wrong account quickly ignited a social media storm.

After her win, so many fans and supporters have continued to send money to her account. However, it seemed some people have decided to take advantage of this posing as ilebaye and claiming to have the details of her account.

Her team had come out to clarify it, expressing to the public that they should refrain from sending money and gifts to any account that is not under Ilebaye’s verified social media handles.

Her team had gone on to share her direct account where direct payment could be made. Her choice to share her bank account details, rather than a comprehensive plan or charitable initiatives, raised eyebrows among fans and followers.

Many fans took to social media platforms to express their disappointment with Ilebaye’s decision.

Some criticized her while others questioned her motives for sharing such personal information publicly. One particular netizen on Twitter known as Emeka Umeh quoted her and reproached her for being greedy.


“We’ve received information about fans planning to send gifts or contributions. Please refrain from sending money to any account that isn’t officially posted on Ilebaye’s verified accounts.

For gifts, please send an email. The only accessible account is the Baye Tribe account (******Providus). We won’t be responsible for any misappropriation of funds. Thank you.”

Emma ik Umeh (Tcee ) I @emmaikumeh

“To tell you how greedy llebaye is, she’s telling her fans to send money to her, despite the fact that she just won 120 million naira CASH. She stull wants foolish and stupid Nigerians to donate money to her.”

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