“She wanted to leave me, I told her I will commit suicide and I drank kerosene” – Nasboi reveals stupid things he did for love back then

Nigerian comedian, Lawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji, professionally known as Nasboi has decided to recount how he wanted to end his life by drinking Kerosene, when his former girlfriend threatened to break up with him.

He made such remembrance in an interview.

The brand influencer who spoke about such issue during an interview with WazobiafmLagos, was asked by one of his fans in a question and answer session on the most stupid thing he has done because of love.

And so Nasboi in response to such question, revealed that he has messed up in his life, adding that;

“One girl said she wanted to leave me, and I told her I will commit suicide, I went and drank kerosene. I’m embarrassed”.

When asked the weirdest food he has eaten before, Nasboi revealed that sometimes he adds sardine to the cassava flakes that he is taking with groundnut, sugar and milk.

When asked if he has been arrested by the Nigerian police before, the comedian revealed that he was repairing his generated outside his house and an officer decided to arrest him for staying outside by 6pm.

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