“She said aunty you’re beautiful and I was smiling before I realized my phone was gone” — Lady shares how little girl complimented her and stole her phone

Beautiful Nigerian lady shares how she nearly became phone-less in Tinubu’s economy after being complimented by a little girl in public.

She had gone out when she a little girl walked up to her to applaud her beauty.

After the compliment, she was on cloud nine and kept walking on gingerly.

However, she recalled feeling empty and that was when she came to the unfortunate realization that her phone was missing.

She grabbed the girl who was already going out, hit her head and her phone fell out from the girl’s body.

In her words;

“I was out today and one little girl walked to me and said “Aunty, you’re beautiful o” and just brushed past me.

I was still smiling like Mumu before I realized I felt light and my phone was gone.

I turned, saw the girl walking away, grabbed her, and gave her a factory-resetting hot knock😭 in the middle of her head. And guess what?! My phone fell to the floor!

How can you call me beautiful and still try to rob me? Very wicked child.

If I ever see her again, I will knock her head again”

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