“She paid for marks in school with knacks” – Wedding reportedly gets called off as best man exposes bride’s past

A Nigerian man has taken to his social media page to share with his followers the story of how the wedding he was supposed to attend was called off due to revelations made by the best man regarding the bride’s past.

He explained that the best man helped the groom understand many things about his soon-to-be wife, which dated back to her university days.

In his statement, he revealed, “The wedding I’m supposed to attend on the 23rd of this month has been called off.”

“Why? The groom’s best man lived in the same hostel with the bride in Absu. He saw everything the bride did for three years.”

“The abortions, runs, even gave her out for runs, how she paid for marks in school with knacks. How he even laid with her to know how ‘sweet’ she is before he recommended her to some OGs. He knows the girl first hand.”

“Long story short, he told his guy everything despite the girls plea. The guy called off the wedding. He and his G are still cool. The girl is the one feeling devastated, she’s 30 y.o. She’s not taking calls, not coming outside.”

The revelation made by the social media user has captured the attention of individuals who have flocked to the comment section to express their opinions on the matter.

See some reactions below:

@focus1030: “It’s unfortunate that women are always the victims of whatever goes wrong in a relationship. Am not endorsing a woman living a lose life, but who is the saint among the three of them?”

@Nasoebe2: “So the guy is a saint, if women no half of the things guys did before the propose and even while they are married most marriages won’t happen or survive a day.”

@SweetMOMdee: “He did the right thing. Primarily because he also had something with her. Things like this tend to come out. His friend would hold it against him if he realized after marriage that the guy had dealings with his wife and hid it. Sad but as long as he didn’t lie.”

@marythesa: “Why did he allow them to get this far before telling his friend? Now monies have been wasted for all the wedding preparations for nothing!!”

@AbdulHa18641105: “But where was the Bestman when they were duo were dating?, why wait so long to alert his friend of the bride’s escapades? At least before dem call you to do Bestman u suppose done see the bride ma.”


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