“She never had the chance to hold her twins” – Man mourns his wife who died during childbirth


A Nigerian man who is now the father of twins have expressed sadness after his wife died during childbirth.

The heartbroken father identified on Twitter as @ThefavourofGod6 revealed how shattered and traumatized he is due to the incident and according to him, he is still having a hard time trying to stay strong.

According to the bereaved husband, his wife gave up the ghost in his arms and seeing her lifeless body breaks his hear as she never got the chance to hold the beautiful twin babies she gave birth to.

“Seeing my wife’s lifeless body breaks my heart, she never had the opportunity to hold her beautiful twins. I am SHATTERED, TRAUMATIZED & so AFRAID if I will be able to scale through this alone. She died in my arms,” he wrote as consoling messages from other users overwhelmed his page.