“She kept it as secret” – Man who returned from UK to propose to girlfriend finds out she already had a child for her ex just within a year he left

A US-based man has taken to Twitter to narrate how his life changed after he returned to Nigeria to engage his girlfriend, only to discover that she already got pregnant for her ex.

Pascalinho4ever said he came back after one year to push his relationship with his girlfriend forward but unfortunately heard the heartbreaking news.

He found out that she got pregnant and delivered for her ex-lover just one year after he left for the United Kingdom.

According to him, his girlfriend kept the pregnancy a secret from him until he came back to Nigeria.

“Coming back to from UK 🇬🇧 to propose to my girlfriend, only to find out she already had a child for her ex just within a year.

“I have our chat on my phone, she kept it as secret to me until I came bk to NIGERIA, dat fateful day, I called her so we can have heart to heart discussion, she broke the news to me My life changed from that day 18th December 2022, The child was born on my birthday, 12th May”, he said.

See Tweet Below:

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