“She is not a doll; she’s my baby” – Mother of unique-looking child addresses ill-comments

A mother of unique-looking little girl has taken to TikTok to address doubts regarding the authenticity of her baby.

The controversy erupted when several netizens questioned the legitimacy of the infant featured in her photos and videos, alleging that the child was a fake doll or computer-generated image.

The mother with TikTok handle @badgal.abbey, had been sharing endearing snapshots and heartwarming moments of her baby on her TikTok account.

However, the innocence of these posts became marred by a wave of skepticism and negative comments from some netizens who were convinced that her child was not real.

In a video posted on her TikTok account, the mother, visibly frustrated by the doubters, took it upon herself to silence the naysayers.

She defiantly held her beautiful living child, whose stunning facial features were undeniable proof of the baby’s authenticity.

“So they posted my baby on some pages and a lot of people were saying why will you post a fake baby. And I will be under their comments and be like that’s actually my daughter,” the mother said in part.

Netizens Reactions…
@mzzzz..pweedy said; “She looks like a doll. She’s beautiful.

@shevonnejohnson45 wrote; “She truly looks like a real life doll. Unreal beauty.”

@kentuckyokc said; “Omg she’s absolutely beautiful congratulations beautiful momma.”

@according2mo reacted; “She is gorgeous! I can see how people think she’s not real she’s absolutely perfect.”

@suzywitdauzi0 commented; “I hear it too but her eyes are so big I be like she’s real.”

@sharondeshay said; “OMG she looks like a doll! we call my grand baby doll- face because she looks like a doll as well! beautiful baby girl.”

See below;


Still can’t believe people thought my baby was fake

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