“She is desperate to marry” – Abroad-based Nigerian man sends kid brother to represent him on his wedding day (Video)

A Nigerian man residing Abroad has set some tongues wagging online over his decision to send his kid brother to stand in for him on his wedding day.

This was depicted in a video, which was captioned, “the husband is not around then he asks his kid bro to help him out and he did very well”.

The video featured a man, likely the groom’s brother, wearing a stylish black native outfit with a decorative Agbada adorned in gold designs. Meanwhile, the bride looked elegant in her gold and black traditional attire, accessorized by a black bridal hand fan.

He could be seen diligently carrying out his role as the groom as he sprayed the wife-to-be wads of cash, leaving many wondered if he is truly the husband or not.

He was overwhelmed with joy as he took the center stage, showing off his amazing dances steps by making gesture with his body, head, neck and hands.

The video triggered massive reactions as commenters opined their thoughts. Many berated the Abroad-based Nigerian man over his quick decision on his wedding day.

Many asserted that the man has automatically lost his wife to his kid brother.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

_michelleofbuj said, “Y’all are judging the lady? What if she wants to travel or something? Una too like to drag people sha. Because why will somebody ask if the husband is in prison 😂😂😂”.

miz_mimiii said, “If he can’t come for him s own wedding 😂 then what else can he come for”.

tee_boszs said, “Lil kiddo getting claims over the wife in the near future😢”.

sasha_itota said, “God abeg oh, small pikin go come hold my w.a.i.s.t on my wedding day, wherever hubby is his definitely coming back, no one is taking his place and if no p.a.p.p.e.r, we go wait till he gets p.a.p.p.e.r, we fit just do introduction on his behalf”.

just_lilboy said, “If I am the kid brother I will do honey moon too, nothing you wan tell me 😂😂”.

meetemmanueljacob said, “When the desirable is not available the available becomes desirable 😂”.

princebettingtips said, “The girl is desperate to be married….. this is so wrong in all ramifications 😢. I pray your daughter have dignity to never be on this woman’s shoes”.

evve__lynn said, “Omoo ehh this kind desperation.. why not wait till he comes back.. abi he Dey prison?”

adeniyijohnson said, “Happy married life kid bro 😂ss”.

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