She got pregnant for the same man twice – Plumber drags wife to court

A plumber identified as Desmond Igbo is seeking separation from his wife, Rosemary, for allegedly getting pregnant and giving birth to two children for another man.

The petitioner filed for divorce at a Customary Court in Jikwoyi in Abuja after finding out that wife of was having extra-marital affair and for 13 years, he’s been unknowingly taking care of kids that are not his own.

He told the court that Rosemary confessed to him that two of their three children are not his biological kids, and they both belong to the same secret lover.

Desmond said; “My wife is having extra-marital affairs. She confessed to me that only my second child was my biological child.

“She said that the other two were not my biological children. I have been taking care of them for 13 years. This is heartbreaking, it is on this issue that I seek to divorce my wife”.

He also said love and understanding in the marriage did not exist in the marriage anymore. But the respondent, a businesswoman, denied the allegations.

The presiding judge, Thelma Baba, advised the couple to explore reconciliation and adjourned the matte for report of settlement/hearing.

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