Shazam on Android to now recognize songs played through headphones

The new Pop Up functionality is available in the latest version of Shazam for Android

Shazam, the Apple-owned application that enables users to identify songs playing around them, would now be able to listen to songs you’re playing through your earphones when utilizing an Android phone or tablet.

Apple acquired Shazam for $400 million last year, the company introduced a feature called ‘Pop-Up Shazam’ to its Android app this week that, when enabled, works with any other Android app to track and identify songs playing externally or internally on the phone.

It’s an element that numerous users have mentioned for a considerable length of time. Preceding this, when a user would chance upon a music track in say a YouTube video, they just had two approaches to Shazam the melody.

They could either unplug the headphones from the phone and let the sound play through the phone in-built speakers, or bring an earpiece near the mic of the device.

The new feature enables Shazam to track the audio signal beaming off of other apps, thereby not completely relying on just output from the surrounding and a phone’s speaker.

The app is tapping the audio signal by using a persistent notification that floats around and could be dragged — like the ones from Facebook Messenger — and can be activated by a single tap.

Google has taken a shot at audio recognition in recent years, too, after it introduced a ‘Now Playing’ feature in its Pixel 3 series smartphone last year. If enabled, the phone actively looks for songs playing in the surrounding, identifies them and keeps a log.