Shatta wale announces his infinix ambassadorial deal with an iPhone – Screenshots


Ghanaian celebrities and their obsession with Apple products especially iPhones is just crazy and mostly, once you use any other phone, you are considered as poor, old school fashioned and local.

Just check on the Twitter handles of Ghanaian celebrities and you’ll realise that 99.9% tweet with iPhones.

Shatta Wale has embarrassed himself by officially announcing his ambassadorial deal with Infinix Mobile with an iPhone on Twitter.

Shatta Wale’s case is like selling rice and stew and then convincing people to buy beans and gari (Gob3) because it’s cheap and served in quantity.

Apparently, Infinix Mobile does not care whether Shatta Wale tweets with Infinix phone or iPhone but any business-minded company would’ve by now stripped him of the deal for officially announcing it with an iPhone.

How can you be tweeting with an iPhone to market Infinix phones to discerning and business-minded people on Twitter? ─ This is unacceptable!

Check the screenshots below