Shatta Bandle said he is going to buy Lagos and Abuja very soon I am a dwarf but tall in my pocket


Shatta bandle a Ghanaian social media celebrity just commented on Tunde Ednut post that he is going to buy Lagos and Abuja soon.

Shatta Bandle has the physical features of a dwarf but very tall in his pocket.

Sometime in 2019 shatte said to his Instagram fans that he is richer than Aliko Dangote, many people called him fake, and that what he has is Audio money.

One will wonder how does it get his money, cars, and houses but truth be told shatte bandle is a perfect example of keep faking it until you make it.

Early hour of today shatte bandle took to his Instagram accounts and appreciates Nigerians for supporting him.

But I’m confused as I don’t know what exactly Nigerians are supporting him at, is it his fake life? , or his social media noise?

Nigerian advised him to go and rest.