Sharon Ooja: I am not dating Timini Egbuson


Sharon Ooja: I am not dating Timini Egbuson. There is more to me than my beauty.

About a year ago, I watched this interview Sharon Onoja had. She talked about how the world thought she was dating Timini. I couldn’t help but wonder when people will understand the difference between reality and a movie.

The only reason why you think they have a great chemistry going on, is because she is a great actress and he is a great actor.

Like can we stop imposing emotions on them and putting thoughts in their head?

It’s 2020,there’s need to separate real life from nollywood.

Sane way, some people want their relationships to be patterned sane way, molly wood movies are. Or they wish their lives to be perfect as in most movies!

Please wake up!!!! Reality and film realm are worlds apart.

In movies, life is mostly white and black but in real life, life is white, Grey, black and several other colours in between. Learn to separate movies from real life.