#SexForGrades! Students jubilate over the death of their lecturer

Students are jubilating over the death of their lecturer because he has been allegedly practising sex for grades with their ladies.

Dr. Mekino Nnaemeka Okonkwo shared a photo of a late lecturer recognized as Anunkakampi to wish him peaceful rest in his grave. His post on Twitter, however, backfired as a lot of students commented on his alleged bad attitudes way back.

The guys alleged that he has been extorting them financially with the ladies also disclosing that he has been practising sex for grades on them.

Prior to their alleged accusations, Dr. Mekino wrote as a caption to the late’s photo:

“RIP Anunkakampi .Young and Vibrant University of Nigeria, Nsukka Lecturer. It is indeed a great loss. Age : 39. Disappointed but relieved face.”

Comments that came aftermath reads:

“Anunkakampi!!!….heard his stories in school that year. Man was a terror to students in GS and had a strong backing even at a young age.

This man was my lecturer in first year. Funny, Charismatic and Intelligent – Yes. However he preyed on students a LOT. Both Male & Female. From Money to sexual advances. Then he got suspended and I left that campus, I really hope he changed after the suspension.

Good news for the ladies he allegedly assaulted.

Jeez! My brother and I spoke about this man yesterday when we talked about brilliant lecturers with exposed randy escapades in UNN. May he find peace. Sad.

He was a great character not minding the negatives about him. I never liked him, but many years after #UNN I appreciated his philosophy. Though not all of it. RIP Anu Nkanka of LionFm.”

Although Celebrities Buzz can’t affirm to the allegations, we believe a good name is indeed better than riches.

See The Screenshots Below:

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