Sex for role: Producers, directors not to blame – Actress Joy Tambou

Joy Tambou, a Nollywood actress, has stated that filmmakers are not to blame for the sex-for-role epidemic ravaging the film industry.

She maintains that desperate actresses willingly agree to have sex with filmmakers, producers, and directors in order to land movie roles.

Tambou recently told The Nation that sex is a personal choice, and that producers/directors do not force themselves on actresses.

She stated that actors do not need to offer sex in order to succeed in their careers, pointing out that with the internet, it is now possible to showcase acting skills without doing so in the traditional way.

She, on the other hand, scoffed at those who stereotype Nollywood as a sex requesting industry, emphasising that every industry in the world requests sex in exchange for favours.

Tambou said, “Stop blaming producers, stop blaming people that they are requesting for sex. There is no sector in this world that they don’t request for sex but the thing is it is not just in Nollywood alone, it is everywhere. You go to the bank, people request for sex, in politics, law firms, everywhere.”

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