#SexForGrades: Nigerians reacts to shocking documentary of randy lecturers


The #SexForGrades has gone viral due to the shocking documentary by BBC Africa Eye targeted at lecturers in some West African universities harassing their students for sex in exchange for grades.

The sex-for-mark practice is a common problem in Nigerian institutions, which over the years may have been encouraged by Nigerian universities due to their failure to appropriately sanction erring lecturers.

Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu

A UNILAG senior lecturer, Faculty of Arts, who doubles as the head pastor of a Foursquare Gospel Church in Lagos, Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu, was exposed as one of the culprits. Another lecturer from the College of Education in Ghana, Dr. Paul Kwame was also indicted in the video documentary.

In a Twitter post by its official handle, @BBCAfricaEye, it said; “for the past year, BBC Africa Eye has been secretly investigating sexual harassment by lecturers at West Africa’s most prestigious universities.

Many Nigerians have since reacted to this shocking documentary, read some below.

Great job BBC Africa and everyone involved. Students should never be sexually harassed or intimidated by folks in power, Lecturers and Academics. Now, we need regulators like NUC and others to enforce institutional changes. #SexForGrades

To those who are quick to defend Pastors even when the truth is Glaring, Dr. Boniface was a Senior Pastor boasting of Harassing 17-year-old girls. The nigga even prayed for the girl to give her life to Christ before kicking off his evil. #SexForGrades

Let’s name and shame those sex-for-marks lecturers exposed by #BBCAfricaEye #SexForGrades trailer. 1. Dr. Boniface Ibeneghu, Unilag 2. Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor, University of Ghana There will be more names when the full video is out. Let’s name and shame, not just watch and talk.

Dr. Paul Kwame

So no Uniport lecturer was caught?? They are the worst in Nigeria…Girls who couldn’t defeat them were used to stupor. There’s one my friend and I blackmailed and sent the voice note to the senate, he wasn’t even dismissed. #sexforgrades

Any lecturer exposed in the #SexForGrades documentary should be sacked, arrested and jailed.

How old are you? 17. “And you’re big like this?” People who think like this are perverts. You would think the age would stop him but no, “Let me kiss you for a minute” To think he is also in charge of a foundation that caters to vulnerable girls makes me shudder.#SexforGrades

Dr. Boniface is a Senior Pastor of a church who saw nothing wrong in Harassing 17-year-old girls. The most annoying part is that he prayed for the girl to give her life to Christ and went on to do his evil deeds. And there are others just like him, others who request #SexForGrades