Send all your siblings away from your house if your marriage is not up to five years – Nigerian clergyman advises couples

A Nigerian clergyman, Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu, has said couples should send all their siblings away if their marriages are not up to five to seven years.

Posting on his Facebook page, Agochukwu wrote;


if your marriage is not up to 7 Years old and you have family members or friends living with you send them away immidietly.

Majority of people in your house is the chief sponsor of issue between you and your wife.


I didnt know how external people gets to know things happening in the house; they will even call to interfere without invitation, so

i called for a meeting in my house invited my mum and my mother inlaw and said i want every sibling out of my house.

Family members were more than 5 in the house.

Everyone thought i was being wicked but better to stay wicked than allow your weaknesses litter everywhere.

And when this was done sustainable peace came forth.

Courtship/ Dating season is not enough for compatibility test but first 5-7 Years of staying married together.

First 7 Years is the year of test running before perfection.

Stop wondering how people knew you quarreled with your wife.

Some people living with you tell outsiders not for intention to break your home but out of emotional sympathy for their brother or sister or friend.

That is you dont complain but they complain on your behalf.

There are things you can tolerate the person living with you cannot tolerate on your behalf meanwhile you are the one married and he/she is single

Send them away and help them from afar’

You are not oxygen, the people you think cant survive without you can actually do.

Sending people out helps them discover hidden potentials.

Gen 2:24 ” a man shall leave his Father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall be one”

Did you see leave father and mother and cling to other family members?

May God preserve your home”

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