Senator Akanbi surprises wife with early morning birthday toast

Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi

Oyo State senator, Adesoji Akanbi, gladdened his wife’s heart by waking her up to a birthday toast. An inside source said the senator set the mood for the days’ celebration when he read out a poetic toast to his wife and top businesswoman, Hajia Zikrah Afolake Aduke Akanbi, and followed it up with an early morning prayer and breakfast birthday party.

Read the poetic toast below: “A bond with another person truly unique spices up existence. It gives life new meaning and makes it more exciting. Not everyone has that rare opportunity to be blessed with a woman who spreads joy and positivity around him. When you have that special gift, you have built a great team. I am lucky.”

“As a fresh day bubbles with fresh hope, I am always full of joy that I have a joy that is rare like a four- leaf clover plant. My joy is with me through thick and thin and has continued to offer a therapy money can’t buy. I really appreciate you.”

“When I think of the unforgettable moments we share, I continue to praise God for the exquisite glow that you cast on me and for being an elixir of hope of greater days to come.”

“It’s your birthday today, a two-step after the golden jubilee line. I wish you a birthday that is as extraordinary as your person. I hereby toast to a brighter, healthier and a promising future for us together”.