“Sell your phone and buy food” – Reno gives solution to lady who begged him money to buy food


Reno Omokri knows how to give it hot to his followers and he wasted no time in doing exactly that to a lady that requested for help for her to buy food and medication while dropping her account number.

Apparently the said lady had requested for his help in providing funds for her to purchase food and medication for herself but would be obviously shocked by Reno’s answer.

It’s quite funny because Reno had tweeted earlier about ladies who call guys stingy just because the said guy refused to take care of their bills.

And in reply to the tweet, the said lady had requested for money for food and medication

See her tweet here

Sir pls l hve trying since two-days now help with money do that l can buy food and medication pls 🙏🙏🙏

Pls help me


Access bank.

And in reply Reno said..

“Sell Your Phone and buy food and medication. Problem solved”

Whatever that prompted Reno to hammer on this particular delicate topic today has to be a serious one

Reno be making and changing ladies perspective on twitter.. True or not?