Selena Gomez thinks Trump can do better on immigration


Singer Selena Gomez has said that Donald Trump and his administration can do better when it comes to immigration in the United States.

The US president’s name came up when the Rare singer spoke to April issue of Vogue Arabia to promote the series ‘Living Undocumented’ for Netflix, which she is a producer on.

‘My thoughts on life in Donald Trump’s America? I have said that I don’t claim to be an expert and I understand that there have to be rules and regulations, but we have to do better than what we are doing – we simply have to,’ said the Texas native.

The ‘Lose You To Love Me’ crooner continued: “I hope we can still offer the American dream. I hope we can still offer people a better life. It’s so important to remember our country was formed by those who came from other countries,’ she added. Her series debuted in October.”

She added: “I decided to work on Living Undocumented because I wanted to be a voice for people who can’t or who are terrified to speak about it. It was all so personal to me.”

“My own grandparents are immigrants and made the decision to come to the US. Through their decision, I have ultimately been given the life that I have, and listening to all these stories made me feel incredibly blessed for the chance I had,” said she.

Gomez was born in the US, but she identifies as a Mexican-American woman and is ‘incredibly proud to be both.’