Seex Story: She Almost Killed Me With Se x….[ADULTS ONLY]


Her name is Bisi. it all started when i went to spend my holiday in Abuja with my uncle. Behold my uncle has this curvy beautiful young lady as househelp/Nanny. prove it” to my greatest suprise, Bisi…. To be Continued in part 2 [Watch Out]

Since is holiday, i always stay in the house with my little cousin and Bisi. On a Wednesday afternoon we are all in the house playing with the children so i execused myself to go and rest in the other room

On entering the room, Bisi was on her way out…So we hit/jam each other With her hand hitting my private(D!ick) so hard that i shouted in pain (thou not that painful) so juliet in shock saying: sorry!! sorry!! with her hand on my D… She said “I did not do it intentionally, am very sorry, i swear. what can i do to tell u that am sorry” Ofcourse i know she did not do it intentional so i jokingly say..”Give me a he ad too


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