See why many young girls prefer older men


Older or Younger Men, which would you prefer to date and/or marry?

Most of the ladies I’ve asked this question would choose to date older men, a lot of them would tell me that they hope to marry someone over 10-years older. Some said they were already married to men much older than they are and they are enjoying their marriage.

These are some of the reasons given;

Emotional maturity

According to these girls, the stress of dating younger men is too much. They don’t have to worry about a broken heart or a cheating boyfriend. In fact, they blame it on these innocent young men saying if they had been more mature in their dealings, the issue wouldn’t have come up.

The more experiences a person has, the more likely he is to be emotionally mature. According to some women, older men don’t get jealous unnecessarily like younger men. They don’t expect their fragile egos to KO be massaged every now and then.

Less “Wahala” and in-law drama

In Nigerian society, some in-laws can be real pains. Some women even go as far as wishing their mother-in-laws dead because of the hostility exhibited by some of them. With an older man, there would be less drama from in-laws.

For Money

This is like the top on the list. Most women love the good things of life so they would not mind pitching their tent with a man older than their father. The material success that you can partake of as his wife is what draws most young ladies to these older men. An older man is far more likely to be established and successful in his career than a younger guy. This gives you the assurance that you can live the good life and afford luxuries.

More Understanding and Caring

An older man goes the extra mile to ensure that his woman is happy and satisfied. If you are looking for a man who pulls out chairs and holds doors open for you, your best bet is an older guy.

Younger men are amateurs on this front and are still learning, so they obviously do not know how to treat a lady.

More Knowledge and experience about life

Another advantage of dating an older man is he is chock-full of knowledge. You can talk to him about any issue you are dealing with. And chances are, he will have had experience with it and can give sound advice. It is great when your partner can use his experiences to guide you. He can be a mentor as well as a lover.

Sometimes like fine wine, the older the better. With age comes experience, which is why many younger women will always want to date older men. A man with longer and wider experiences may make your life much more interesting than it would have been with a younger guy. Not only will he advise you on practical issues and financial matters, but he will also open your eyes to the variety of things the world has to offer.

More sexually experienced

Older men with their long years in relationships could be more sexually knowledgeable than younger guys and more importantly, eager to please their wives, unlike the young fellas who are too interested in their own satisfaction to notice what their partners are feeling.

Father figure

Most young ladies are looking for the love of a father. It’s either their fathers are dead or the father didn’t show them love and now they are looking for someone to fill that space.

Examples of this kind of marriages in Nigeria

• Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels

• The Alaafin of Oyo and Olori Ala.

• Razak Okoya and Folashade Okoya

• Adams Oshiomole and Lara Fortes

This is an Open Question to every lady Reading this;

And Older Man or a Young Guy, Which would you prefer to date and marry?

For young guys; why do you think ladies prefer older men?