See what actress Juliet Ibrahim has been doing during this lockdown


Juliet Ibrahim is a Ghanaian actress, influencer, author and movie producer. She has been one time declared as the most beautiful woman in west Africa by A-listers magazine and truly is a sight to behold on the screens.

Juliet has been trending on Twitter since her comment on international singer, Tory Lanes Instagram live video. She made a comment referring to Nigerians as internet beggars and this has sparked lots of criticism as Nigerians have taken to twitter to blast the actress.

So many have insulted her and called her names for dragging Nigerians into the mud via her comment.

Meanwhile, we’re here to talk about what the sweet actress has been doing during this lockdown. On the first day of the lockdown, Juliet Ibrahim posted a video on her Instagram page where she was having an intense workout session. The lady seems to be a fitness expert and this has been telling on her hourglass shape and nice physique.

She also posted a video where she shared important tips to note from this corona virus. She advised everyone to stay at home saying that the virus does not move but rather, we move the virus.

Juliet has also been having fun by making funny videos on TikTok. Aside all these, there is no other fun thing she has been up to, aside of course her comment on Tory Lanes live video on Instagram which has made her trend on twitter.