See What A Lady Did To A Guy Who Took Her To Strip Club


You can imagine the rate at with conji be killing some guys! to say i’m disappointed is an understatement. I’v been friends with this guy for some months,he’s been on my case and has agreed to give me all the time I need before we start dating.

I was on my own last night when he invited me to go take sharwarma somewhere around.
We were just gisting normally about life and next thing he said was he’s getting really bored and there’s a new place on the island he would like to take me to.

We got there, I noticed the bouncers were really fierce looking! I got scared and asked him why they had 6 hefty bouncers,he just laughed and said it’s cos the place is new. He quickly paid for VIP and when they opened the door first thing I saw was a fair beautiful girl stark Unclad dancing holding a pole. There were about 10ladies or more completely Unclad, with guys having fun with them!

I didn’t bother to proceed to the VIP, I left in annoyance, boarded a cab and deleted his number sharply.

A guy who takes a lady to a strip club to watch other Unclad ladies and probably partake in frolicking with them can never be serious in a relationship! Quote me anywhere.


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