See the wicked step-mother who burnt her stepson’s two hands [PHOTOS]


The 13-year-old identified as Ovey Friday recently lost all his fingers to what he termed the wickedness’ of his step-mother.

The stepmother, Mrs. Mercy Juammai, 35, who lives with her step-son in Wulko community in Nasarawa Eggon Local Government has no history of mental disturbances or imbalance, hence no one could have predicted that she would at any time attempt to snuff the life out of her step-son.

Juammai, in a flurry madness, attempted to murder his step-son in connivance with a witch doctor on the allegation that the little boy was sleeping with her in her dream.

Ovey, lying in a hospital bed, told our correspondent that his trouble began when his mother, Esther died and his father decided to take another wife. He said as soon as the second wife arrived, his trouble began.

“She started accusing me of being a wizard; she kept raising false alarm and accusations against me; that I made love to her in her dream; that she always saw me making love to her in her dream. But I told her that it was not true.

“Thereafter, she started threatening me, saying I could not stay in the same house with her. She then took me to a native doctor, a Fulani man by name Mohammed Danlami. When we got there, the native doctor picked a stone and threw it at me. Thereafter, he rubbed the stone on me and tied my two hands with a rope

“He then brought charcoals out of the fire and poured them on my tied my hands, asking me to confess that I was a wizard and a member of a secret society. But I told him that I was innocent of what he was accusing me of. He brought out powdered pepper and poured it into the fire allowing it to smear my face, while my hand burned.

“After that, he fetched more charcoals from fire (he did it three times); that was when I began to pray to God. When he saw that I was praying, he came back and untied the rope from my hands, but my wrists, palms, and fingers were already badly burnt. They brought me home but I woke up the next day to see that both my hands were swollen. That was when they took me to the hospital for treatment. The intention of my step-mother was for the man to burn me alive,” he said.

Friday’s uncle, Mr Zakaria Jeremiah introduced himself as the elder brother to Ovey ‘s late mother said what happened to Ovey has rendered him speechless, but he has accepted the fact that God almighty allowed it to happen. He added that even if the woman is sent to life imprisonment, it cannot bring back Ovey’s fingers, which are now gone forever.

He said Ovey is staying with him in Lafia at the moment and he is thinking of fixing artificial fingers for him so that he can continue his education going forward.

It was gathered that the assailant, Mrs. Jummai, who was initially detained at the police station, has been released while her husband, who happens to be the father of Ovey, is in detention.