See the Vaccine Broda Shaggi prescribed for Corona Virus


Broda Shaggi who is also known as Animashuan Samuel Perry is an actor, scriptwriter and a comedian. He is popularly known for the role he always play.

Broda Shaggi went to his instagram page the posted his recommended vaccine for corona virus. He said that the vaccine for corona virus is Gbagbe Oshi. Broda Shaggi said that we should for chloroquine. He so much believed in gbagbe oshi that it is the only cure for the virus. He encouraged fans to listen to it so that they can be totally free from the deadly corona virus.

This comment made by Broda Shaggi in his instagram page brought a lot of positive and negative reactions in his page by his fans, some were saying that gbagbe osi will only worsened the corona virus and not to cure it while many that believed in him so much were praising and appreciating him.