See How Car Phone Hanger And Other Magnetic Material Can Kill You


Living organisms have a magnetic field

To understand how a living organism may have magnetic field of its own, we only have to consider the fact that a magnetic field is created every time a current is passed through an electric wire. The nervous system, too, transmits scientifically measurable electrical impulses. In so doing, it sets up its own magnetic field. As a matter of fact, electricity is a relatively negligible aspect of this energy-flow, an almost physical effect (gross enough for physical instruments to detect) of energies far subtler, and far stronger.

The essential feature of magnetism is its power of attraction and repulsion. The material manifestation of this force in the behavior of magnetised pieces of metal is only the most outwardly observable effect of a power that is essentially divine—like the janitor in an office, whose function is limited to the simple act of cleaning, and who, in this function, acts only on behalf of the office head.

Divine love, too, is a kind of magnetism. So also, on grosser levels, are human love, happiness, hatred, and fear—in fact, every state of consciousness in active manifestation. For energy, as a vehicle for different kinds of awareness, assumes innumerable aspects, and thereby generates innumerable kinds of magnetism. Love attracts love. Fear excites more fear.

If one’s energy-flow is directed towards a particular person, and if there exists on any level in that person a similar state of awareness (and therefore, of magnetism), one can attract or repel him, depending on whether the interchange is sympathetic or antipathetic. Thus, while hatred is negative and might therefore, seem to exert only a repelling force, if it is reciprocated in the other person the magnetism between them becomes attractive.

Love, on the other hand, although apparently purely attractive in its influence, if in no way reciprocated, can become a repulsive force, causing mutual separation.

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